Full Service Technology and Marketing by Nreal

Marketing Services

Best known for its Nreal Light smartglasses, Nreal is committed not only do the research and development of its glasses, but also empower developers to leverage Nreal’s powerful MR tech stack and develop innovative Mixed Reality (MR) applications that can garner real users by offering end-to-end full service marketing support including advertising services and business information services.

Technology Services

Data Transmission

Nreal offers enterprises or other organizations both technology infrastructure services and the management and maintenance of its clients’ own Mixed Reality database. This service includes the systemization of VR/AR information into computer databases, which can be accessed and utilized by developers by simply adding the Nreal’s open platform SDK - the NRSDK – to their application.


The NRSDK also offers developers worldwide the benefit of easily extending the capability of Nreal Light and the gaming or organizational applications developed for the Nreal Light smartglasses, controller and computing unit. The NRSDK offers support for features including the transmission of digital messages, images and files, services for sending and receiving messages, infrastructure for supporting online forums and chatrooms, along with the capability of storing digital files and streaming data.

Developer Community

In addition, Nreal offers a supportive community offering technical advice from other Nreal Light developers or community members through the Nreal Slack channel interested in the design and development of computer game software or even seeking help in the design of software services for Nreal Light.

Nreal’s Commitment to Developers

To support our customers and developers, Nreal continuously engages in technical research in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality, including hardware data storage, data conversion, documents digitization, computer programming and more. To maintain the pace of innovation and quickly adapt to the competitive market, Nreal is committed to providing our customers and developers with cutting-edge features and services that will empower the development of innovative MR applications and ultimately engaged end-users, through incremental yet continuous updates to the NRSDK.