Public Member Functions

 NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry (string name, float width)

Public Attributes

string Name
float Width
string Quality
string TextureGUID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry()

NRKernal.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry ( string  name,
float  width 

Contructs a new Augmented Image database entry.

nameThe image name.
widthThe image width in meters or 0 if the width is unknown.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Name

string NRKernal.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry.Name

The name assigned to the tracked image.

◆ Quality

string NRKernal.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry.Quality

The quality of the image.

◆ TextureGUID

string NRKernal.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry.TextureGUID

The Unity GUID for this entry.

◆ Width

float NRKernal.NRTrackingImageDatabaseEntry.Width

The width of the image in meters.

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