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Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDomainHandMode (ControllerHandEnum handEnum)
static int GetAvailableControllersCount ()
static ControllerType GetControllerType ()
static ControllerConnectionState GetControllerConnectionState ()
static bool CheckControllerAvailable (ControllerHandEnum handEnum)
static bool GetControllerAvailableFeature (ControllerAvailableFeature feature)
static bool GetButton (ControllerButton button)
static bool GetButtonDown (ControllerButton button)
static bool GetButtonUp (ControllerButton button)
static Vector2 GetTouch ()
static Vector3 GetPosition ()
static Quaternion GetRotation ()
static Vector3 GetGyro ()
static Vector3 GetAccel ()
static Vector3 GetMag ()
static int GetControllerBattery ()
static void TriggerHapticVibration (float durationSeconds=0.1f, float frequency=200f, float amplitude=0.8f)
static bool GetButton (ControllerHandEnum hand, ControllerButton button)
static bool GetButtonDown (ControllerHandEnum hand, ControllerButton button)
static bool GetButtonUp (ControllerHandEnum hand, ControllerButton button)
static Vector2 GetTouch (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static Vector3 GetPosition (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static Quaternion GetRotation (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static Vector3 GetGyro (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static Vector3 GetAccel (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static Vector3 GetMag (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static int GetControllerBattery (ControllerHandEnum hand)
static void TriggerHapticVibration (ControllerHandEnum hand, float durationSeconds=0.1f, float frequency=200f, float amplitude=0.8f)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static Action< ControllerHandEnumOnDomainHandChanged
static Action OnControllerConnected
static Action OnControllerDisconnected
static Action< ControllerHandEnumOnControllerRecentered


static bool ReticleVisualActive [get, set]
static bool LaserVisualActive [get, set]
static bool ControllerVisualActive [get, set]
static bool HapticVibrationEnabled [get, set]
static ControllerAnchorsHelper AnchorsHelper [get]
static ControllerHandEnum DomainHand [get]
static RaycastModeEnum RaycastMode [get, set]
static Transform CameraCenter [get]

Detailed Description

Through this class, application would create a controllerProvider which could be custom, then the controllerProvider iteself would define how to update the controller states, so that every frame NRInput could get the right states. There are max two states for one controllerProvider.

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