Nreal Tower
NRSDK create numerous possibilities for each and every developer and with multi-player mode.
It allows players to take on the role of actor/actress with interaction between the digital and physical worlds created by you with Nreal.
Nreal Tower is a sample game developed by Unity Software using the NRSDK platform. This game updates a 2D Tower Defense style game, enhancing the game play with first-person shooter (FPS) excitement coupled with teamwork and all set in a mixed reality world. Nreal Tower utilizes the HQ display and 3D rendering of Nreal Light to make it a next generation experience for users.
Starting the game, "Image tracking" notes location and synchronizes the players position and rotation; Nreal provides two servers for our developers, one in Silicon Valley for our global players, the other one located in Beijing for our mainland Chinese players. The information of server status, image detection, game upgrades and technical updates will be made available on our Slack channel. You are most welcome to join us there and join Nreal’s MR world.
Download APK
Nreal Tower is a quickly developed game built with the NRSDK 1.4.8 release. Developers are required to download the apk file, then install it to the Nreal computing unit with the "adb" command. Please make sure you upgrade your dev-kit's system before using NRSDK v1.4.8. After successful upgrade and installation, Nreal Tower can launch.
Download Marker Image
At the start of the game, the user scans a Marker (Scanned using the Nreal Glasses Image tracking functionality) which then initializes the game map. Nreal creates a virtual world based upon a recommended marker based size of 40 x 40cm. This is the size for standard coordinates, however, that size is not a restriction and if the length is shorter or longer than 40cm, the game map will scale to your specified marker size. When scanning the marker, it is recommended to keep within 50~60cm.
Join us on Slack
In order to explore various multi-player scenarios and provide a better technical access, Nreal has built a Slack channel #nrealtower for all developers. We hope Nreal Tower will inspire you to build your own amazing MR world.
Slack Topics:
Technical topics, Network service, Game upgrades, Additional markers, Bug fix log and release notes, Discussion concerning multi-player use scenarios.