Q1: Determining the software version of Nreal Light

A: Connect the Nreal Light to active computing unit or cell phone, put on the glasses, click on the settings icon, click on the middle part of the handle or press the touch panel of the mobile phone; the operation interface, then one can see the following three lines:

Nreal System Version (system): SDM845-202002071736-257 (example)

Controller Version (computing unit): Dec25 2019 (example)

Glasses Firmware Version (glasses): HD1 V0.0.2.1912.27HID64.Release (example)


Q2: Why is the controller light constantly green?

A: Quick introduction to the controller light state: the green light flashes when connected to the computing unit; a bright green light indicates connected, and the blue light is lit when charging.

Normal operation is the green light flickering for about 1 minute, turning brighter. If it keeps flashing nonstop, look under the computer Windows system if "scrcpy" software has been enabled on the NrealLight-Con option under the setting-Connected devices-Bluetooth option. To re-pair, click the back gear and select FORGET to delete the current controller. Then Re-open the handle switch and reconnect.

When connected, if the marked by the mouse style on screen (as shown below), you have the latest version, otherwise please upgrade. Upgrade happens automatically after connecting to a wireless network.

Premise: the battery of the computing unit or mobile phone has to be more than 30%. When upgrading, make sure that the controller does not leave the computing unit.


Q3: How can I get Nreal Light return to the older version software?

A: When Nreal Light is connected to Windows computer USB port (Note: USB Type-c interface required. Recommended USB C type adapter is "green union USB3.0 revolution Type-C parent data line adapter.") run FirmwareUpdater, select the firmware version you want to load, double-click to install automatically.


Q4: How to turn on the controller?

A: First, make sure that the power switch on the back of the controller is turned to the ON position. Next, press the light indicator located in the center of the controller, holding it for 5 seconds or more. If it doesn't turn on, please try charging the handle 10 minutes (by putting it directly on the computing unit), then try to re-start again.


Q5: After plugging in Nreal Light, why no display?

A: First check if the computing unit is asleep, as indicated by the blue light state. If it is in a dormant state, press the power button to wake up the computing unit. If Nreal Light still has no display, please re-insert it. Secondly, make sure that you are wearing Nreal Light.


Q6: What does computing unit's power light mean when is different colors?

A: State one, no charge:

  1. Turn on the machine: green light increases regularly.

  2. Pink: power is less than or equal to 33%.

    Green two grid, electricity 33%-66% between

    Green full grid, electricity is more than 66%.

  3. Standby: Blue

  4. Shutdown: Green Rule decreasing

   Status two, charging:

  1. The single grid is green, and the electricity is less than or equal to 33%.
  2. Second green flashes, electricity 33%-66%.
  3. Third green flashes, electricity 66%-99%.
  4. Full grid blue, dormancy after charged.


Q7: What to do when Nreal Light startup interface can not find my App?

A: https://developer.nreal.ai/develop/discover/introduction-nrsdk


Q8: When I open my App for the first time, how do I authorize it?



Q9: How do I upgrade Nreal Light firmware?

A: First hold down the brightness and plus key, and connect the glasses to the Windows Computers USB port. If the computer does not have the Type-c interface, it will require a USB C adapter to connect. We recommend "green USB3.0 revolution Type-C parent data line adapter". Once attached to the coputer’s USB port, release the brightness + key, open the "Firmware Updater" running program, select HD3_V1.0.0.200115_HID.Release firmware, and the program will confirm success after completion.


Q10: Why can't the images remain in place when rotating the head?

A: Mainly due to SLAM failure. Please upgrade your glasses to the OV580 version. Connect the glasses to the Windows computer, (if the computer does not have the Type-c interface, it needs to add an adapter. We recommend "green union USB3.0 revolution Type-C line adapter".), run NRSensorFlashTool operation program, click connect to detect version. If version 20191212 is displayed, please upgrade to the latest version. Check your version number after you perform the upgrade, if there are other suffixes after the version number, it means it did not upgrade successfully. Verify updated version by checking the version status.


Q11: How does computing unit detect different versions?

A: When connected to the Windows computer (if the computer does not have Type-c interface, use adapter. We recommend "green USB3.0 USB3.0 Type-C Type-C parent data line adapter"). Click scrcpy to run the program. On the computer side, it will appear similar to the mobile Android interface, settings-System-About phone-Kernelversion, as shown below.


Q12: How do I upgrade boxes?

A: Connect the computing unit via WiFi, it will automatically upgrade OTA after connecting to Nreal Light.


Q13: How does the computing unit connect to Wi-Fi?

A: When connected to the Windows computer (if the computer does not have Type-c interface, it needs an adapter. We recommend "green USB3.0 USB3.0 Type-C Type-C bus data line adapter"), click scrcpy to run the program. At the computer end, it will appear similar to the mobile Android interface, setting-Network&Internet-WiFi, click switch.


Q14: Why does the glasses part not displaying after opening the infinity?

A: Check whether you have been authorized in the permissions settings of the mobile phone. Lack of authorization will cause this problem. Likely due to ov580 upgrade failure. Please perform the upgrade again. Problem should resolve upon successful upgrade


Q15: Why does the Nreal Light automatically disconnect after a period of time from the phone?

A: First you need to access permission from your phone. Then make sure don’t kill your Nreal APK running in the background. Please set your phone status to allow Nreal APK to always running.


Q16: Which phones are the glasses compatible with?

A: Currently compatible with the following models of mobile phones: Black Shark 2/2Pro, ZTE Axon 10Pro, China Mobile X1, Oppo Reno, Vivo IQOD, LG V50/V50S, LG, SONY, Oppo and Samsung. It can also connect to WONDOWS computers with type C plug. Nreal also offers computing unit with snapdragon 845 chips for connection.


Q17: How do you switch between 2d/3d models?

A: Mobile terminal: in the mobile notification column, you can directly select 2D or 3D mode and switch to the desired mode. Computing unit terminal: When you unplug your USB cable and plug it back in, it will automatically switch to 3D mode.


Q18: Why are there only cell phone pictures displayed in Nreal Light?

A: This happens when you touch the 2D/3D switch button by mistake. To correct, keep connected, long press “brightness – button (left side of the glasses), glasses will turn black for a second, and then it becomes two separate phone screens display. At that time, unplug and re-plug Nreal Light back into the phone.


Q19: Nreal Light only shows Android interface?

A: Reinserting Nreal Light will re-start the sequence. Be sure to start the computing unit or mobile phone (APK) first, then insert Nreal Light.


Q20: What are the functions of the Micro-USB?

A: Apart from the function of connecting to mobile phones directly, all other functions of Micro-USB are same as Type-C. We recommend connecting to the computing unit through Type-C port.


Q21: Why doesplane detection not workplane detection not work?

A: When the ov580 upgrade is not successful, please see solution outlined in Q10 above. In addition, your background color can’t be just one color as a single color is difficult to see.


Q22: Why can't we see all 6 icons?

A: That’s because you are too close, move a little bit back. Your position in virtual space is zoomed in too much.


Q23: Why can’t I find the White Ray Guideline Indicator?

A: Long press the lighting area to reposition the guide line.


Q24: Why does one direction show images and the other directions do not?

A: This is due to a combination of SLAM Technology (map construction and localization) and AR (augmented reality) technology. In real life, a virtual picture is projected. It is equivalent to projecting the picture into space. It's like the object is actually there. You can look around it and you can go into it.


Q25: Battery consumption / energy consumption / how long does it work?

A: When it is connected to mobile phones, the amount of electricity is based on the power of mobile phones. It is generally providing 2-3 hours of use.


Q26: What is the source of data? Why is it plugged in the phone?

A: Mobile phones are used as computing units and power sources. Data is stored on mobile phones or accessed online via the cloud, then transmitted to Nreal Light. The glasses are the equivalent of a display unit and a spatial positioning data collector.


Q27: Will this hurt my eyes?

A: No, it will not hurt your eyes. This is a technology similar to the projector. Light does not directly enter your eyes.


Q28: Can I watch my videos on Nreal Light ?

A: Yes, but first you need to import the content into your mobile phone and then transmit it to the glasses via the mobile phone.


Q29: Why can't I open the RGB camera on my Nreal Light?

A: First confirm that the connection between USB cable and mobile phone or computing unit is tight. If the interface is loose, it will cause intermittent behavior, causing the RGB camera do not function properly. In addition, you can connect to a Windows PC via a USB Type-c interface. Switch the camera to the camera of the Nreal Light to confirm.


Q30: Why does your glasses (Top Part) get hot when being used?

A: To achieve the light and sleek design of our AR glasses, we have achieved the goal by centralizing components structure and the Chips were mainly installed on the top part of our AR glasses. Therefore, this could be seen as a normal phenomenon as it would probably generate heat at the location where the Chips are concentrated. For this problem, we strongly suggest our users to STOP using the device once it gets overheating and you may re-start the device until the temperature gets lower. More importantly, to provide our users a better physical experience, this issue would be optimized for the next generation of our product.


Q31: Why does your phone/computing unit get hot after long-time connecting with our AR Glasses?

A: Once you plug/connect your glasses into your phone/computing, your phone/computing unit would become Battery Supplier and the provider for Applications running in backstage. In other words, long time using would lead the device consistently running at 'high speed' which could create additional heats within the device. Thus, this is a normal phenomenon which we would kindly recommend customers using the phone or computing unit in a cooling environment. If the overheating issue can not be solved, please LEAVE the device until the temperature gets lower.


Q32: Is it normal for the Mobile Phone and Glasses working under slow transition and other crunky issues when using the phone with a low level battery?

A: The phenomenon of slow transtion/lagging issues normally happened, which is because low battery mode would adapt mandatory latency lowering to maximise battery life. In this case, we strongly suggest keeping battery power at a sufficient level while using your glasses.


Q33: Why does the light on the controller flash green even though it failed to connect with the computing unit?

A: Please kindly follow the instructions below

  1. Before turning on the power, please make sure your glasses, computing unit and controller are disconnected.
  2. Next, switch on your power (Controller & Computing unit), waiting for a couple minutes for the controller light to flash green and for the computing unit's light to stop flashing.
  3. Plug glasses into your computing unit which launches the glasses, and the interface will show on your phone. The controller's light will turn green or flash green & red, then the white rays in the glasses will be moveable along with the controller.
  4. When the controller light is flashing green, unplug the glasses, place the controller back on the computing unit, and plug in the glasses. After 5 seconds, the indicator light on the controller will flash blue. That means the controller and computing unit are connected (make sure that the three pad points of the controller are connected well with the ones on computing unit). If the white rays in the glasses are movable then you can start to experience the device. If not, unplug the glasses and repeat the instructions from step 1.