Computing Unit/Controller

Q: Why is there no display when I plug in the glasses?

A: Firstly, please confirm whether the computing unit is in the sleep mode (indicator light in blue);

If it is, press the power button to wake up the computing unit.

If there is still no display, please re-plug in the glasses and make sure the glasses are close to your eyes.


Q: Why does the glasses only show a blank Android screen?

A: Please try to plug in the glasses again.

And please make sure to the order of use is correct: open the computing unit first and then plug in the glasses. The order cannot be reversed.


Q: Why I cannot see all the icons in the virtual space?

A: Since the home screen is displayed in the space, you may be too close to the screen if cannot see the full of it. Please try to move a few steps back.

Or the height of the your nose pads might not be very suitable, you can try other nose pads to get the best view.


Q: Is there any hurt on my eyes using the MR glasses?

A: We use a technology similar to the projector. The light will not hit your eyes directly, and there is no harm on your eyes.


Q: Why the RGB camera of my glasses cannot be open?

A: Please confirm whether the connection between the USB cable of the glasses and the computing unit is stable. If it is loose, the RGB camera might fail to open.

In addition, it can be confirmed by connecting a Windows system computer with a Type-c cable. Turn on the computer camera, and you can switch it to the glasses camera for a check. Also, you need to turn off the "Power Saving Mode" in Nebula.


Q: Why the temperature of my glasses is getting higher after a use for a while?

A: To make the glasses more compact, we placed most of the chips at the forehead area of the glasses. Getting warm is a normal phenomenon during a long-time operation of the glasses. If you feel the temperature of the glasses is getting higher, stop using it and wait for a few minutes until the temperature drops. In order to improve the user experience, we will continue to optimize the heating problem.


Q: Why is there a screen in only one direction?

A: This is a combination of SLAM technology (Simultaneous locolization and mapping) and AR technology. In reality, the virtual object is projected in an exact position in the space. You can look around it or take a closer look.


Q: How many display modes of the glasses?

A: There are two modes supported on the glasses, Air Casting Mode and MR Mode.


Q: What is the focal length of the RGB camera on the glasses?

A: 2 meters.


Q: What is the resolution of the RGB camera?

A: 1280*720, 30fps.