Unity SDK 1.7.0
Published 2021.09.30
I will disclose how NRSDK collects and processes data in my application and make it easily accessible to users. We recommend to add the following text on your app : This application runs on NRSDK, which is provided by Nreal Technology Ltd. and governed by the Nreal Privacy Policy.
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Unity SDK 1.7.0
Release Note
New Features:
  • Handtracking 1.0:
    • Added support for most Android devices including Snapdragon 888 / Exynos based models
    • Overall tracking performance and stability improvements
  • Largely improved 3DoF controller stability; mitigated controller drift
  • Optimized 3DoF rotational head model
  • Head pose performance&stability improvements
  • Minor API changes
Bug fixed:
  • Solved RGBCamera start/stop lag when power saving mode is enabled
  • Solved the issue that NRSDK emulator doesn't reset properly when errors occur in Unity editor
  • Fixed battery indicator accuracy on Dev Kit controller under a few circumstances
Unity SDK 1.6.0
Release Note
New Features:
  • Added Hand Tracking (In Beta phase)
    • MR Apps using the Hand Tracking feature in NRSDK 1.6.0 can only operate until 12/31/2022.
    • This feature is under Beta phase, more devices/models will be supported in the next release of NRSDK.
    • This feature is fully tested on the following devices:
    • Nreal Dev-Kit
    • Nreal Enterprise-Kit
    • OnePlus:9R / 7T
    • LG:V60 / V50S ThinQ 5G / V50 ThinQ 5G / G9(Velvet 5G) / Wing
    • SONY:Xperia 5 II / Xperia 1
    • SAMSUNG:Galaxy Note20 5G / Galaxy S10+ / Galaxy S20+ 5G / Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G /
    • Galaxy Note20 Ultra / Galaxy Note10+ 5G / Galaxy A90 5G
    • ZTE Axon 10 pro
    • Black Shark 2 Pro
    • Snapdragon 888 / Exynos based models cannot be operated, will be supported in the next version of NRSDK.
    • The operation of other devices is currently unknown.
  • Added Unity XR Plugin access
  • Added a quick setup tool for the NRSDK environment
  • Added ability to record audio while capturing first person video footage
  • Added warning messages and events
  • Added support for Android 11 (updating your NRSDK will ensure compatibility with a wider range of devices)
  • Settings in Nebula will be synchronized to MR Apps (e.g., Left-Hand Mode, Power Saving Mode)
  • Optimized the performance of spatial computing
  • Optimized the rendering performance
  • Optimized image tracking at rest
  • Optimized the dynamic switch between 6DoF/3DoF/0DoF controller tracking modes
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed possible crash encountered when recording your screen
  • Fixed API crash when calling disabled RGBCamera
  • Fixed possible memory leak
  • Fixed window jitter, occurring in only a few instances
  • Fixed crash encountered while using with an unstable phone connection
  • Fixed existing issues
Unity SDK 1.5.7(Computing Unit Only, latest OS required)
Release Note
New Features:
  • Added compatibility with Exynos chipset
  • Updated reset controller and exit menu default buttons
  • Added YUVCameraTexture
  • Improved 3DoF performance
  • Lowered overall SDK CPU usage by 40%
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed 3DoF controller tracking lost when moving too quickly
  • Fixed a bug where the SDK gets stuck or crashes on exit
Unity SDK 1.4.8(Computing Unit Only, latest OS required)
Release Note
New Features:
  • Added running state tips (temperature, battery, lost tracking notifications)
  • Added dynamic switch of 6DoF/3DoF/0DoF
  • Supported Nreal Dimmer
  • Added "IsTouching" API in NRInput
  • Adapted to smartphone screen resolution change when NRSDK is running
  • Adapted to Unity 2019.4 LTS
  • Optimized hardware check tips for developers and users (Added the following error tips: cannot find rgbcamera device, cannot find DP device, display mode doesn't match)
  • Improvements of the SDK performance (CPU Resource Lower 10%)
  • Optimized NRDisplay startup procedure
  • Optimized 3DoF Performance
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Fixed the jitter when RGB camera opens
  • Fixed existing issues
Unity SDK 1.3.0(Computing Unit Only, latest OS required)
Release Note
New Features:
  • Support for vertical plane detection.
  • Support for gamma color space.
  • Added glasses connection error tips.
  • Added glasses status message.
  • Added video recording support in 64 bit version.
  • 6Dof head pose quality improvements
  • 3Dof controller pose quality improvements
  • Improvements of the SDK performance (CPU & Memory)
  • Optimized the SDK startup time.
  • Optimized the SDK mobile device adaptability.
  • Optimized the rendering pipeline.
  • Optimized the controller connectivity.
Bug fixed:
  • Fixed releasing phone controller resource issue.
  • Fixed exiting app issue.
Unity SDK 1.2.1(Computing Unit Only, latest OS required)
Release Note
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed the problem of simulator and imagetracking training tool on Mac
  • Improved the quality of video record
  • Improved memory usage
  • Improved the performance of customized phone controller
Unity SDK 1.2.0(Computing Unit Only, latest OS required)
Release Note
New Features:
  • Custom Phone Controller supported
  • Automated deployment settings
  • Improved image tracking database training tool
Unity SDK 1.1.3 Beta
Release Note
New Features:
  • Compatible with old version controller
Unity SDK 1.1.2 Beta
Release Note
  • Improve SLAM stability
New Features:
  • Add the glasses putting on and taking off event
  • Support capturing video under OpenXR standard
Unity SDK 1.1.1 Beta
Release Note
New Features:
  • Image Tracking training tool could change the size dynamically
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed running issue on Mac Platform
  • Fixed controllers issue on the phone platform
Unity SDK 1.1 Beta
Release Note
  • RGB camera data acquisition performance
  • Optimized the overall size of the SDK assets
New Features:
  • Unity Editor Emulator
  • Multithread rendering support
  • Add version management function for image recognition training tool. When the tool is upgraded, the image database asset is automatically updated
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed crash problem caused by memory leak for polygon plane recognition in HelloMR demo