Observer View


NRSDK's observer view allows users to share their mixed reality experience with others who are holding a phone or tablet running ARCore. These shared experiences can be streamed or recorded.


  • Camera movement supported.
  • Third-person view and multi-user experience supported; Viewers can interact.
  • Can be streamed to screens.
  • Android phone (ARCore supported) required.
  • Wireless supported / Networking required (UNET scripting); Network server auto-discovery for adding phones to sessions.
  • A set of synchronized network frames that supports value synchronization and RPC function.
  • Coordinate system alignment allows everyone to see Nreal applications in the exact same place.

Use Cases

  • Record mixed reality in HD: Using Observer View, you can record a mixed reality experience using an Android phone or a tablet.
  • Live demonstrations: Stream live mixed reality experiences to a TV directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Share your experience with others: Have others share your mixed reality experience on the spot from their phones or tablets.


  • Unity ARCore - (Apache 2.0 License)

Tutorial: How to Set Up Observer View


  • Observer View uses the built-in network for its network discovery and spatial syncing. This means all interactivity during the application needs to be synced between devices.

  • Hardware

Network Synchronization

All network synchronization is based on NetworkBehaviour. See CameraCaptureController.cs , located in Assets > NRSDK > Demos > Sharring > Scripts > TestNetBehaviour for an example on how to realize your NetworkBehaviour.

Your own NetworkBehaviour class must inherit the NetworkBehaviour base class.

Data Synchronization The SDK comes with several data types that can be synchronized. They are the following:

  • SynTransform

  • SynInt

  • SynVector2

  • SynVector3

  • SynQuaternion

  • RPC Function * You can use RPC functions as below:

    public void Hello()
        Debug.Log("Hello world!");

Coordinate Alignment

  • Add a parent transform for "NRCameraRig" named "CameraRoot"

  • See UpdateWorldOrigin.cs , located in Assets > NRSDK > Scripts > Utility You can use UpdateWorldOrigin to align the coordinate of your detected image as below:

     UpdateWorldOrigin.ResetWorldOrigin(cameraRoot,position, rotation);

Setup Application

  • Click NRWindows > Start Sharing Server menu to initiate a local sharing server.

  • Start your client applications to search for and connect to local servers.

  • Scan your tracking image to align coordinates. All applications will share the same coordinates. The data will synchronize subsequently.