Nreal Light Dev-Kit After Sale Service Policy


This product strictly implements after-sales service in accordance with relevant national laws. Accepting these terms of service or using our services means that you understand that this is a legally binding document and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions therein. Please read the entire contents of the terms of service carefully. If you do not agree to these terms of service, please do not use our services. Please note that this after-sales policy does not reduce or deprive you of other rights that you should enjoy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

This policy only applies to Nreal's products purchased in the country through formal channels (referring to the Nreal official website or Nreal company authorized retailers or distributors).



  1. People with epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart disease, acrophobia, pregnant, severe myopia, or not suitable for 3D immersive experience and stimulating experience, are recommended not to use this product, which may cause potential risk;

  2. People with allergies are not recommended to use this device;

  3. Please do not use this device outdoors or in places with reflective lights;

  4. Please make sure that there is no discomfort and the surrounding environment is safe before use;

  5. Please do not use this device while driving;

  6. Please do not wear these glasses during sporting or sudden movements;

  7. Please do not use device at high volume for a long time to avoid hearing damage;

  8. If you notice dizziness or eye fatigue while wearing the glasses, please stop using them immediately;

  9. If the glasses are hot, please stop using them, and wait for the temperature to go down before using them again;

  10. Please properly protect the lens from strong light and scratches by sharp objects;

  11. Please protect the glasses from any liquid;

  12. Please avoid falling and crashing of the glasses, which may cause damage;

  13. Since eyesight is not fully developed, it is not recommended for children under the age of 13 (subject to national laws) to use.

    Any user under the age of 13 (subject to national laws) to register or use our services are unauthorized, and in violation of these terms;

  14. If you are over 13 years old (subject to national laws) but under the legal adult age, you need to use our services under the supervision of your parents or legal guardians, and your parents or legal guardians need to agree to abide by these terms of service. You need to review the Terms of Service with your parents or guardians so that you all understand all relevant rights and obligations;

    You declare and warrant that: (a) You are not included in the Specially Designated Nationals List ("SDN List") of the U.S. Department of the Treasury ’s Office of Overseas Assets Control; (b) You are not included in the U.S. Department of Commerce ’s Denied Persons List or Entity List, or any other exit control list in the United States; (c) You will not use IP proxies or other methods to disguise your place of residence; (d) If any applicable law in the country where you are located prohibits you from using our services in accordance with these terms of service, you must stop using our services immediately; (e) Your rights to use our services have not been suspended or terminated.


Account Infomation:

To access and use certain features of the service, an account must be registered. By creating an account, you agree to: (i) provide accurate, up-to-date and complete account information; (ii) maintain your own password security, do not share your password with anyone, and be responsible for the risks you might be facing due to unauthorized access to your account; (iii) If you find or suspect a security vulnerability related to the service, you should immediately notify us through mailbox.


Third-party Content

Your use of services, applications or content provided by third parties through our glasses (referred to as "third-party content") is subject to a separate end user agreement. If there is a conflict between these agreements and the content of these terms of service, the terms of service shall prevail.

Nreal company does not take any responsibility or obligation for your access or use of third-party content, or any content or functions contained in third-party content. Your right to access or use the content only complies with the permission between you and such third-party content providers. Under no circumstances should Nreal company be considered as a licensor of third-party content, grant the right to use third-party content, assume any obligations with regard to third-party content, or make any declaration or warranty regarding third-party content.


Warranty Period:

Warranty Scope
Warranty Period
Nreal Light MR Glasses
1 year
Computer Unite
1 year
1 year
1 year
Data cable
1 year
Prescirption Lens
3 months


Return and Exchange Policy:

If you return the products or accessories within the warranty period and meet the terms of this warranty statement, Nreal company or its authorized retailers or distributors (hereinafter referred to as "agents") will repair or replace the products or accessories at their own discretion. (start time of warranty: subject to the activation time or delivery information showing the actual time of goods received by the user, based on the previous time)

  1. Users who purchase this product through Nreal official website or authorized retailers or distributors can enjoy the unconditional return service within 7 days (14 days in Korea, subject to the domestic law) from the next day of signing in according to the domestic law. When returning goods, the user must show valid purchase certificate and return the invoice. The user shall ensure that the returned goods maintain the original quality and function, intact appearance, complete trademark and various marks of the goods and accessories, and return the gifts together if any. If the goods are damaged artificially, the packing box is missing, or the spare parts or gifts are missing, the goods will not be returned. The logistics expenses incurred in return shall be borne by the user. The returned products only include products purchased through authorized distributors or retailers in the country, including but not limited to glasses equipment or glasses equipment + computing unit + controller or glasses equipment + mobile phone, etc. Return the paid goods to the user within five days after receiving the returned goods from the user and passing the inspection by Nreal or the agent and meeting the return conditions. The fund is returned back to the original account user used for payment. The specific arrival date may be affected by factors such as banks and third-party payment institutions.

  2. Within seven days (subject to the domestic law) after the user signs in the next day, in case of non-human damage performance fault, priority shall be given to self check and fill in the official website information according to the "pre judgment and detection" steps, and feed back to Nreal company or the agent synchronously. After confirmation, if the user chooses to return the goods, handle the return business for the user. When returning goods, the user must show valid purchase certificate and return the invoice. If there are any gifts, they should be returned together.

  3. Within 15 days from the day after the user signs in (subject to the domestic law), in case of non-human damage performance fault, priority shall be given to troubleshooting and filling in the official website information according to the "pre judgment and detection" steps, and feedback shall be made to Nreal company or the agent at the same time. After confirmation, handle the replacement business for the user and replace the individual parts or the whole set of goods. After receiving the returned products, the after-sales service station will communicate with the customer to test the returned products. If no defect or performance fault is found through the test due to the user's reason, the products shall be returned to the customer, and the freight shall be borne by the customer. If any defect is found, the goods shall be replaced normally, and the warranty period of the replaced products shall be recalculated from the date when the user receives the replaced products.


Warranty Policy:

After fifteen days from the day after the user's signature (subject to national laws), if a non-human damage performance failure occurs, priority is given to the "pre-judgment and detection" step for inspection and official website information filling, and synchronous feedback to Nreal company or the agent, via After confirmation, it will handle maintenance for users. If Nreal company repairs the product, the warranty period for the replacement parts is the remaining time within the original warranty period and 30 days (whichever is longer) or the additional warranty period applicable to your jurisdiction. Nreal company shall bear the freight and other related costs incurred for repairing products under warranty.

Repair or replacement may involve the use of the same parts with performance and functional conditions. Nreal company or the agent will return the products or accessories that have been repaired and in good working condition to you. After Nreal company provides you with a warranty in accordance with the terms of this limited warranty statement, any products, accessories, or parts before replacement will become the property of Nreal company .


Preliminary Judgment and Test

After discovering faults with products or accessories, you should take the following measures:

  1. Refer to the user's manual or visit the official website of to acquire relevant information to recognize and address the existing problems;

  2. If problems cannot yet be addressed after referring to the users’ manual or visiting the official website of, you should contact the agency that buys the products or accessories, or contact the Nreal help center or send an email to for further help and information.

  3. When contacting the agent or Nreal company, please submit the correct information through official website:

    a. Your product purchase order;

    b. Outline the sequence number of the problematic products according to the purchase order;

    c. Choose the corresponding fault, and fill in the fault description;

    d. Ensure your address information is not changed upon purchase. In case of any alteration,please provide a new address;

    e. Ensure the original invoice, receipt or sales slip when you buy the product are complete. If you make any claim within the warranty period, you should present the valid purchase evidence; otherwise, Nreal company has no obligation to provide the support services under the limited quality assurance statement.

Ensure the original invoice, receipt or sales slip when you buy the product are complete. If you makeany claim within the warranty period, you should present the valid purchase evidence; otherwise, Nreal has no obligation to provide the support services under the limited quality assurance statement.

After you finish the above steps, Nreal will, after confirming the existence of problems, show you how to return the defective products or accessories, and all the transportation, package and insurance fees generated thereby should be borne by you. At the same time, you should package the products returned in a proper way to protect it from any damage caused by collision, compression or violent loading and unloading in the process of transportation. If the product is damaged because of your improper packaging, Nreal will not take any liability. Before you send back any product oraccessory for maintenance services, please backup any classified materials and information, and delete them from the equipment. Nreal will assume no liabilities for any damage or loss of the program and material.


Policy for Cases Uncovered by Warranty

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

  1. The effective warranty period is exceeded;

  2. No warranty card, invoice or warranty card does not match invoice information;

  3. Maliciously damaged warranty card content or product information, including vague destruction, self-tearing, tampering, etc .;

  4. Roughly placed, direct sunlight exposure, liquid contact, placed in humid or under extremely high temperature or other harsh environment or use under severe environmental changes;

  5. Damage caused by human factors: such as physical damage to the product or accessories, including but not limited to cracks or scratches on the surface of the product or accessories (including any screen or lens);

  6. Any damage caused by failure to use, maintain and adjust according to the requirements of the "User Manual";

  7. Failure or damage caused by the forced use of this product beyond normal use conditions;

  8. Personnel not authorized by Nreal company will dismantle or repair or brush the machine privately;

  9. Damage caused by force majeure;

  10. Product or accessory wear due to normal use;

  11. Any computer or other product that can be connected to the product, Nreal company does not guarantee that the operation of the product or accessories will be error-free;

  12. Use accessories not approved by Nreal company;

  13. Resell your products;

  14. You have reverse engineered, decompiled, and disassembled the product privately;

  15. Use of products in violation of any law or your agreement with us;

  16. Failures and damages caused by other non-product design, manufacturing and quality issues.


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