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Back in Black. In Full Control.
Have full control over your development environment with the Nreal Light Dev Kit, which features a mobile computing unit that runs on native Android. Easily navigate your MR environment with a complimentary wireless controller.
If you don't have plans develop on Nreal Light and simply looking to be entertained, purchase the glasses 'a la carte' and simply plug it into your smartphone for instant entertainment in 3D. Residents of Japan, Korea, Germany and Spain can place their order through the following mobile operators.
Click here to check the compatibility of your smartphone.
Click here if you're deciding between the Developer Kit and Consumer Kit, but need an explainer on the differences between the two, we've pulled together a handy chart that'll make it easy to decide which of the two is right for you.
Raise Your Hands
Purchased an Nreal Light Developer Kit? Sit tight. It's on the way. But while you wait, download and dive into the NRSDK to review all the next-gen features that Nreal Light has to offer.
From hand tracking and automatic OTA updates to multi-device synchronization, the NRSDK has it all.
Hand Tracking
In a pursuit of a frictionless user experience, high-fidelity hand tracking on the Nreal Light Dev Kit is an intuitive way for users to interact with their MR environment with just their hands. Pinch, grab and swipe to control holographic objects.
Personalized OTA Updates
Personalized OTA updates allow you to get the latest system and feature updates, on your own terms. You can choose to enable or disable this function.
Phone Controller
Android mobile phone can serve as a 3DoF controller when connected to Nreal glasses. The touchscreen supports well defined gestures and interactions. You can also create unique experiences by fully customizing the phone controller interface.
Plane Detection
Plane Detection allows Nreal glasses to detect both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces in the real world. When the glasses are repositioned or moved around, the X and Y plane can be extended. Multiple planes can also be merged into a single plane, despite overlap.
6DoF Space Recognition
6DoF Space Recognition provides developers with real-time mapping constructs and 3D point clouds that be used to build applications that may require information about the physical structures of the surrounding environment perceived by the glasses.
Multi-Player Mode
Multiple wearers of Nreal Light are able see and interact with each other in the same mixed reality environment. This feature enables developers to build multi-user and shared real-time MR experiences including collaborative workspaces, meetings or even co-op games.
Be Inspired
Thousands of AR, VR, Android & iOS developers use the Nreal Light Dev Kit to build their own apps for a Mixed Reality environment.
Browse some apps to learn what and how other developers are creating immersive experiences for Nreal Light users. You just might discover something that'll inspire you.