Unity SDK 1.1.2 Beta
Release Note
  • Improve SLAM stability
New Features:
  • Add the glasses putting on and taking off event
  • Support capturing video under OpenXR standard
Unity SDK 1.1.1 Beta
Release Note
New Features:
  • Image Tracking training tool could change the size dynamically
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed running issue on Mac Platform
  • Fixed controllers issue on the phone platform
Unity SDK 1.1 Beta
Release Note
  • RGB camera data acquisition performance
  • Optimized the overall size of the SDK assets
New Features:
  • Unity Editor Emulator
  • Multithread rendering support
  • Add version management function for image recognition training tool. When the tool is upgraded, the image database asset is automatically updated
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed crash problem caused by memory leak for polygon plane recognition in HelloMR demo

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