Introduction NRSDK

Introducing NRSDK

NRSDK is Nreal’s platform for developing mixed reality experiences. Using a simple development process and a high-level API, NRSDK provides a set of powerful MR features and enables your Nreal glasses to understand the real world.

NRSDK provides five Core Features for developers:

  • Spatial Computing allows the glasses to track their real-time position relative to the world and understand the environment around them, such as detecting and tracking planar surfaces and images.
  • Optimized Rendering is automatically applied to the applications and runs in the backend to minimize latency and reduce judder, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Multi-modal Interactions provide intuitive choices of interaction for different use cases.
  • Developer Tools are provided so you can better develop and debug apps.
  • Third-party Integration is achieved by providing data for third-party SDKs, which allows you to fully utilize Nreal Light’s hardware features and build powerful MR/AR applications.

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Nreal Developer Kit

An Nreal Developer Kit is required for developing mixed reality apps. The Developer Kit consists of a pair of Nreal Light glasses, an Nreal computing unit, and an Nreal Light controller. If you do not have one, Sign up for the Nreal Developer Kit here!

As of now, you cannot develop apps directly on Android mobile phones. Android mobile phone development will be made available in early 2020.

Choose a Development Platform

NRSDK supports many of the most popular development environments. With these capabilities, you can build entirely new MR experiences or enhance existing native Android apps with MR features.

Unity (Support Unity 2018.2.X or later)
Android Native (to be released)
Unreal (to be released)

Next Step

If you are interested in developing on Nreal’s platform, please start by applying to Nreal Developer Kit.

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